Chander mukhi is a unique combination of ancient herbs, which have been in use for thousand of years by the RAJ KANYAS. These herbs combination protects the skin from verious troubles which are very common  today, it helps in condition like Acne skin variations, blemishes allergy from sun , it  clears the skin day by day
Directions for use :   Take 5 to 10 gram of face pack powder and  mix it with gulab jal (rose water) apply it on face softly at bed time.
Vehical–Anupan : Oily, Fried food, Spices, Jaggery, Cold drinks, Citrus foods,    Chillies and Heavy foods, Urad, Rajmah, Sauces, Pungent, Pickles.
Contraindications : No side effects.
Presentation: Packs of 50 gm  100gm
Chander mukhi face pack for soft and  glowing skin, clears pimples, skin variations, blemishes, allergy  from sun .it ultimately  clears face day  by day.