Hazam Churan is well researched formulation for hyper acidity and chronic constipation. It is also effective in stomach problems due to indigestion because constipation is the root  of all problems like fatigue , gas, uneasiness, headache, mental disturbances etc. It is very useful in constipation.

Sr. No. Indian Names   Latin Names Quantity
  1. Ajwain Trachyspermum roxyburghianum   30mg
  2. Mulathi  Glycyrrhiza glabra     30mg
  3. Nisot        Onychium turpenthum   20mg
  4. Saunf     Foeniculum vulgare 130mg
  5. Karu Katuki     Pikrorhiza kurroa    60mg
  6. Jeera white Carum carvi         20mg
  7. Sund Stranvaesia nussia   20mg
  8. Harad    Terminalia  chebula      40mg
  9. Bahera Terminalia ballirica    80mg
10. Amla Emblica officivalis   60mg
11. Vayavding   Embelia ribes   40mg
12. Pudina  Mentha longifolia   80mg
13. Jaiphal Myristica fragrans   20mg
14. Long Syzygium aromaticum   20mg
15. Anardana Panicagrantum        50mg
16. Mishri Sugar    250mg
17. Kala Namak  Black salt   30mg
18. Pipermint Pipermint   20mg

Dosage :  3 to 6 gram at bed time with Luke warm water or as advised by the   Physician.
Vehical–Anupan : Oily, fried food, spices, jaggery, citrus foods, chillies and heavy foods, urad rajmah.
Contraindications :  No side effects in therapeutic doses
Presentation:  Packs of 100 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm.