Lecomax is a well researched, widely tested, and processed combination of Bhasmas and Ayurvedic herbs traditionally in use for thousand of years in India. The medicine when taken with strict regimen and on the advice of the attending physician it lends strength to the metabolic and immune system. It is of immense benefit in all types of leucorrhoea, menstrual irregularities, menopausal bleeding menorrhagia, dysmenorrhoea and harmonic secretion.

Sr. No. Indian Names  Latin Names     Quantity
  1. Ulatlcambal Aroma augusta 20mg
  2. Machras Aloe succotrina 10mg
  3. Beef Band Salvia plebeia 20mg
  4. Raal Shorearobusta  10mg
  5. Ashwagandha  Withani somnipera 20mg
  6. Vriddarau Vidhara rourcaminor 20mg
  7. Vidari Kand Solanum erianthum 20mg
  8. Sat muli Asparagus racemosus 20mg
  9. Chulaimool Amranth chdatus  20mg
10. Ladhav Symplocas paniculata 20mg
11. Ashokchal Barkofs.indica 20mg
12. Mujuphal   Guercus infectoria 20mg
13. Nag Keaser Mammea eongifolia 20mg
14. Dashmuli Dashmul 20mg
15. Salmali Bombaxcelbla 20mg
16. Arjunchal Terminalia arjun 20mg
17. Muslisfedfad Asparagus  adscendendens 20mg
18. Chandan Sandalwood 20mg
19. Kut3a Holarerhena antidysenterica 20mg
20. Sonageru Sonageru 15mg
21. Rasbanti Beberias aristata 15mg
22. Prayangupushp Callicarpa macrophylla 20mg
23. Yashtimadhu Glycyrrhiza glabra 20mg
24. Nilofarpushp Nymphaca alva 10mg
25. Mukktimadhu   Muktapishti 10mg
26. Parvalpishati Parvalpishti 10mg
27. ShankhBhasham Shankh Bhasam  10mg
28. Loh Bhasham  Loh Bhasam 10mg
29. MandoorBhasham Mandoor Bhasam 10mg

Dosage: One capsules twice a day with water or as advised by the Physician.
Vahical–Anupan: Oily, fried food, spices, jaggery, cold drink, citrus foods,  chillies And heavy foods, urad rajmah sauces, pungent, pickles, exhaustion  Through  physical work.
Contraindications:  No side effects in therapeutic dosage.
Presentation:    Packs of 10 capsules, 25 capsules, 50 capsules and 100 capsules.