Maxorex is combination of the standardized extract of ancient herbs. This combination of herbs has shown impressive results for various kind of cough. Bronchitis, Asthama. It is very useful for the cough of any aetiology. Maxorex soothens mucosal irritation and facilitates easy expectoration. Also useful for the children with chest congestion and chest infection.

Sr. No.  Indian Names Latin Names Quantity
  1. Banafshai Violopibsa blume 50mg
  2. Shatpatri  Rorippa demascena 50mg
  3. Draksha  Vitis vinifera 50mg
  4. Madhurika Foeniculum vulgare 50mg
  5. Yashti Madhu Glycyrrhiza glabra  50mg
  6. Hanspadi Adintum capillus veneris 50mg
  7. Vasaka   Adhatoda varicanees 50mg
  8. Kantikari Solanum surattense 50mg
  9. Usatkdoos Lavandula stoeches 50mg
10. Unab Ziziphus mauritina 50mg
11. Gazban Elephante opusscabae 50mg
12. Sukhi Angeer Flcusclosa 50mg

Dosage : Children:  ½ Teaspoonful twice a day with warm water.
Adults : 1 Teaspoonful twice a day with warm water or as advised by the Physician.
Vehical–Anupan : Oily, fried food, spices, cold drinks, citrus foods, chillies and heavy foods, urad rajmah, Pungent, pickles.
Contraindications : No side effects in therapeutic dosage
Presentation: Packs of 100 ml, 200 ml, 300ml, 500ml, 1 Ltr.