Migronil is well researched combination of unique ancient herbs for chromic migrane & acute headache. It immediately stop head ache which do not respond to any therapy.
Migronil for Chronic Migrane & headache.

The old scriptures reveal the eleven types of headaches for which they are mum about any prescription to be taken orally. Only local massage ( lapan and saken)  and to tie the head with some piece of cloth and to apply different oils on the head.

“MIGRANE IS A CURSE ON HUMANITY”  which gives torture, agony helplessness, restlessness, and loss of memory & eyesight. There is no eternal definite, long lasting, pinpoint remedy any where in any of the therapy because no one could find any definite cause of it. So with the research of 52 (fifty two) years of a long span the researchers of Somax Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, manufacturer of renowned ayurvedic medicines for chronic diseases  have come to conclusion that a medicine which can correct the functioning of our inner system from ( Manipur chakra to Brahm randhara ) the last yoga chakra the final destination of the yogis which only can slow down distress and strain on the miger vain and other concerned tissues system. So MIGRONIL is a hopeful help for those who are face to face with the above said condition. Thousands have got relief from this medicine in India and abroad.

Sr. No.

Indian Names

 Latin Names




Terminalia chebula




Terminalia bellirica




Emblica officivalis




Sweratia chrayeta



Neem Chaal

Azadirachta indica



Choti Elachi 

Elettarria cardiamomum




Embelia  ribes




Inula recemosa


Improves : Stress, Restlessness, brain fatigue, tension, mental disability, nervous system break down.
Dosage : One Capsule twice a day or as advised by the Physician.
Vehical–Anupan : Oily, fried food, spices, jaggery, Cold Drinks, citrus foods,   chillies and heavy foods, urad rajmah sauces, Pungent, pickles.
Contraindications :  No side effects.
Presentation: Packs of 10 capsules, 25 capsules, 50 capsules and 100 capsules.