REHMONIL is a well researched, widely tested, processed combination of Bhasmas & Ayurvedic herbs traditionally in use for thousand of years in India. The product when taken with strict regimen and on the advice of the attending physician it lends strength to the metabolic and immune system. It is of immense benefit in all types of body pains, rheumatic pains, that cause GOUT. ARTHRITIS, SPONDYLITIS, INFLAMMATION & STIFFNESS IN BODY, DEFORMITIES OF BONES ETC.

Sr. No. Indian Names Latin Names Quantity
  1. Shunthi Stravaesia nussia  20mg
  2. Satmuli Asparagus recemosus 10mg
  3. Ashavgandha  Withania somnifera 50mg
  4. Punarnava Boaehavia diffusa 10mg  
  5. Shilajit  Sweaetia densifolia 60mg
  6. Gugal Commiphera mukul 150mg
  7. Chitraka Plumbago zeylanica  10mg
  8. Anantmool Hemidesmsu indicus 20mg
  9. Svetkanchagna Bauhinia recemosa 30mg
10. Swranmakshik Bhasam Swaranmakshik Bhasam 10mg
11. Shankh Bhasam Cariandum sativum 10mg
12. Rasna Pluchea lanceolata 50mg
13. Manjishtha Rubia Cordiffolia 20mg
14. Triverit Oxychium turpenthum    10mg
15. Kushtha Saissurea lappa 10mg
16. Rohini     Picrorhiza kurroa  10mg
17. Ghrit Kumari Aloe barbadensis 10mg
18. Vidharikand Solanum erianthum 10mg

Dosage:  One capsule thrice a day of with water or as advised by the Physician.
Vehical – Anupan : Oily, fried, spices, jaggery, cold drink, citrus foods, chilles and  Heavy foods, urad rajmah, pungent, pickles.
Contraindications :   No side effects in therapeutic dosage.
Presentation :  Packs of 25, 50 and 100 Capsules.