Samriti Amrit is a combination of the standardized extract of ancient herbs which are very useful for the brain and nervous system. It is very effective nervine formulation that helps to improve weak memory, mental debility, anxiety, stress, strain, restlessness, brain fatigue, tension, memory disturbances, learning ability, behaviour disorder, psychiatric problems, mental depression, hypertension and blood pressure problems.

 Sr. No.  Indian Names     Latin Names  Quantity 
  1. Shanhk Pushpi Connscora decussate 175mg
  2. Brahmi Taxus baccata  175mg
  3. Vach Acrorus clamus 125mg
  4. Shtavar Asparagus racemoses 125mg
  5. Amrita, Giloh Tinospora cordifolia 125mg
  6. Ashavgandha Withania somnifera   50mg
  7. Shatpatri Rorippa damascena 125mg
  8. Kamal Kesher Nelumbo nucifera   50mg
  9. Bale Patra Angle marmelos 125mg
10. Saunf  Foeniculum vulgare 125mg
11. Bhringraj Eclipta alba 100mg
12. Ustakdoos   Lavandula stoechas 100mg

Dosage :  Children ½ teaspoonful twice a day
Vehical – Anupan :  Oily, fried food, spices, chillies and heavy foods.
Contraindications :  No side effects in therapeutic dosage
Presentation : Pack of 100ml, 200ml, 300ml, 500ml.